West California House

1605 West California Street (Ruston LA)

“We got the house from Diane Albritton’s cousin hippie-chick in May of 73, you moved in June 73 and lived there all summer by yourself with the possum, and worked at Baskin-Robbins with Floyd.  I had a summer job in SHV and did not start to live there until late August 73.  Fall quarter 73 we were rockin’ there and at some point Bob moved in.  Bob’s closet flooded so we got the plastic sheet and tacked to roof, I think in the fall of 73.  Bob moved out before Xmas of 73, then just you and me through the winter.  Mike Clark moves into Bob’s old room up front in about May 74, then he moves out about July 74.  I remain there, alone, until August 74 when I return to SHV before starting job in Wyoming in fall 74.”

Email from Bryan Brown

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