Rolling Stone Magazine, November 11, 1971, Issue #96

This issue contained the first part of Hunter Thompson’s famous “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: a Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream” Part 2

Part 2 arrives in the mail and the Bryan, Gary and Mark Ruston Hippie Reading Club gathered together at M & G’s house once again.

Pink Floyd was on the turntable, the mind candy was being liberally consumed and then something happened.

According to Mike Clark at one point he received a phone call for help from Bryan and Gary. Mike, being the decent guy he is, drove out to see what he could do to provide assistance. According to Mike, he walked in the house, found the phone cord leading into a closet. He opened the closet to find Bryan and Gary huddled together.

At some point, Mike decided these people were out of their minds and thought it best to vacate the premises.

Later, a phone call was made to David and Tom (possibly others came?) to help the drug-addled Ruston Hippie Reading Club get back to earth. Hillsides on the roadway were crying.


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